The Vinta House by James Jao is inspired by Badjao sails

Jao was inspired by the sail of a vinta, the traditional boat of maritime people in the southern Philippines

Ribbed Cube: A sustainable and shielding frame by Anthony Nazareno

N+GDC’s Ribbed Cube, an acclimatization of High Modernism, functions as a sustainable frame for a family of five.

Modernism meets Asian resort in Conrad Onglao’s C House

Conrad Onglao's C House is both a restatement of the owner's rich heritage and needs for comfort and privacy.

Lor Calma’s abode debunks Nietzsche’s godless Modernism

In the Godless World of Modernism, Modernist Lor Calma Proves there is a God

The Xavier Nuvali oratory echoes rock imagery in Christian tradition

The Oratory of Saint Francis Xavier by Bong Recio features two separate but aligned iconographies

Gelo Mañosa Revives the 1960s Corner House

A house that once contemplated the wrecking ball has a new lease of life from A.Mañosa+Architects